Business intelligence for power systems

Welcome to! Our purpose is to help anyone understand their electrical energy assets.

Optimal energy management is based on informed decisions that require data, knowledge and skills.

This is what we have and do, for you. We make your energy management effortless.


What is

We are a service designed to help backyard energy systems access business intelligence at the same level available for the big energy market players.

We gather and structure your energy system and financial data and turn it into information and knowledge, so you can make informed decisions.

Where can I use it?

Everywhere where the physical laws of power engineering, mathematics, and common financial sense apply.

It is much easier if your home energy market is equipped with distant meter reading system and meter data hub.

If not yet, we'll work around it.

How does it work?

First, let’s build a digital twin of your energy system and market conditions.

Then our calculation engine creates your system power flow, cash flow, and financial models.

And then we provide you with reporting, optimization, and visualization tools.

How to get started?

1. Own energy assets

What we see as assets are:
grid cconnection, distributed generation units, battery storage, and consumption.

Or any two or three of any of the assets above, connected to a node.

2. Model a digital twin of your node

Launch our app and use our tools to mirror your energy system topology with technical parameters and market conditions.

3. Connect data

Have energy meter data available for us at your local meter HUB or upload it to us via API.

What will your power system have?

Cash-flow reporting

Detailed views of your costs, earnings, and savings for any given period. The data is near real-time, so you will have a heads-up before the monthly utility bills arrive.

Financial reporting and KPI-s

Track the return on your investment, expected break-even point, reserves, and other leading indicators that your business controller follows daily.

Improvement analysis

Scenario sensitivity analysis for the most optimal market and contract conditions for your power system. Understand your biggest money drains and improvement options.

Data processing and modeling are hard work and science. Data visualization is magic. This is why we focus on the visuals;
your data needs to be understood and tell stories.

In the future, as the new distributed energy markets mature, we will provide you with proof of energy origin, access to voluntary carbon markets, and much more that the innovations bring.

The team

Marti Laidre

Business development

Tõnis Markus

System architecture

Aaro Põder

Systems analyst

Kert Einaste

Senior developer

Jaan Tamm

Data modelling

Sambeet Mishra, PhD

Data science

Our roadmap


- the first founders meeting
- model prototyping with reference customers
- the establishing of


- data hub integration
- data analyst and data scientist onboarding
- BI model developement


- data model and calculation engine development
- launch of application with MVP scope
- integration of first customers


Let's go!


Backyard Energy Management OÜ
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